60+ Photos That Show Gilmore Girls’ Alexis Bledel’s Style Has Changed a Lot Over the Years

You might be part of the new generation getting to know Rory Gilmore through the addition of Gilmore Girls to Netflix and the reboot premiering on Nov. 25, or you might be part of the camp that watched the show live on The WB (now The CW) in the early 2000s as Rory nervously dated Dean, chose Yale over Harvard, went through a bad-girl phase, and eventually found her way back to Stars Hollow. It doesn’t matter! Whether you are just getting to know Rory and Alexis Bledel, the Argentinian-American actress raised in Mexico City who portrayed your favorite character, or know everything about her, the photos ahead are about to give you a serious bout of nostalgia.

From her shy days on the red carpet, wearing loose and demure midi dresses with kitten heels, to her redhead phase (oh, yes, she was a redhead) to the most recent Gilmore Girls fan event and her homage to Rory’s Chilton years, look ahead for 60+ photos of Alexis through the years.