Disneyland se une a las celebraciones del día de “Star Wars”

Esta celebración nace de un juego de palabras con la frase "May the Force Be With You" (que la fuerza te acompañe), una de las más célebres de la franquicia.

49 Photos of Shakira and Her Sons That Are Melting Our Hearts

Shakira and her longtime boyfriend, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, live for their two beautiful boys. Five-year-old Milan and 3-year-old Sasha are truly the light of their eyes, so we can’t blame them for always posting photos of the two cuties on Instagram for the world to see.

The 41-year-old Colombian singer snaps photos of her family spending time outdoors, playing soccer, tennis, and basketball together, while Gerard loves to share videos of Milan singing. They are seriously one of the cutest (and most talented) families out there! Keep scrolling to see more photos — they’ll make your hearts skip several beats.


71 Adorable Moments Between Zoe Saldana and Her 3 Kids

When it comes to motherhood, Zoe Saldana keeps it real, letting everyone know it’s not always a walk in the park but a wonderful adventure. The actress has opened up about having difficulty sleep training her older kids, the struggles of being a mom in Hollywood, and the work that’s required to lose weight postpregnancy, but she also openly shares her happiest moments as a mom on Instagram.

And even though Zoe and her husband, Marco Perego, have yet to share a portrait of their twins, Cy and Bowie, or their newborn, Zen — always keeping their full faces out of sight — we can already say they’re three of the cutest munchkins on Instagram. Keep scrolling to see all the creative and sweet ways Zoe and Marco have shared their babies’ photos with us, including Zen’s debut.


17 of Selena Gomez’s Sexiest Bikini Photos

You already know Selena Gomez is super sexy, and with even the most minimal insight, you probably also deducted that some of her hottest moments have come to us while she’s been at the beach or by the pool in a skimpy swimsuit. And that’s because the “Wolves” singer, who is currently working on a new album, isn’t shy about showing off her gorgeous figure, often sharing sultry bikini photos on her Instagram for all of us to feast on.

Ahead we present to you those pictures and more, without further commentary — because they really don’t need it and, let’s be honest, you weren’t going to read it anyway. Get ready to be sizzled by Selena’s hottest bikini photos yet!