Tapatío Now Makes Spicy Ramen Noodles — Because You Deserve Nice Things, Dammit!

Instant ramen is good; getting creative with instant ramen is even better. Since the dish first became a college dorm staple, people have been adding their own spin to cheap ramen, improving their noodles with everything from peanut butter (for DIY pad thai) to eggs (to mimic authentic Japanese ramen). It’s also extremely common to add a hefty dose of heat to instant ramen with hot sauce . . . which makes the news that Tapatío salsa is now selling its own spicy take on ramen noodles especially exciting for fans who’ve been demanding it for years! Tapatío and ramen go together better than peanut butter and jelly, so this perfect food marriage has been a long time coming.

Available on Amazon, at grocery stores, and from the salsa company directly, these spice-infused instant noodles mean you won’t have to carry your own bottle of Tapatío around anymore — at least where ramen is concerned. (But who are we kidding? Spicy food enthusiasts will always find a reason to travel with their own arsenal of hot sauce.) You can try the noodles in several flavors: original, beef, chicken, and soon shrimp, thanks to popular demand. We’ll take 10 of each, please!

If you can’t wait to taste the spicy noodles for yourself, you don’t have to; simply shop the different flavors here.